Types of Storage

There are many different types of storage for a variety of needs.

There are two main types of storage, self storage and mobile storage. Choosing between self storage and mobile storage depends on how much stuff you need to store, whether you have space on your own property, how much you are willing to spend, and how often you need to access your things.

  • Self Storage - Self storage is the most common type of storage. Self storage units are a low cost, convenient solution for customers looking to free up some space around their home or office. Self storage is in a way the middle ground between on-site mobile storage and warehouse storage. It may not be as convenient as on-site storage (it's close), but it allows customers to have more access compared to warehouse storage, and is really the only legitimate option if you need access to your things and don't have space for a unit on your property.
  • Mobile Storage - mobile storage units are typically 8 ft wide by 16 ft., but they can be as large as 45 ft long (storage containers). They are used to move things from one place to another, store things at your property or be kept in a climate controlled warehouse. On Site storage is cheaper than warehouse storage.
    • On-Site Mobile Storage - The cheapest form of storage, but it also comes with the downside of keeping it on your own property (most people do not have the space to keep a mobile storage unit or container). If your container is in a protected area then a mobile storage unit with roll up doors is sufficient, but if it needs more security you will want a storage container as they are more secure.
    • Warehouse Mobile Storage - An advantage of keeping your things in a mobile storage warehouse is that you can ship your things to another city and keep it in their warehouse for a few days or weeks while you are moving. A downside of this type of storage is that you often have no access to your things while it is being kept in the warehouse.

These are the main types of storage available, all of which you can find right here on Self Storage Base. If you need more information about what type of storage is right for your needs check out more self storage tips.